Family-friendly activities in Bali

Bali offers a plethora of family-friendly activities that cater to children of all ages, making it an ideal destination for a memorable family vacation. From cultural experiences to outdoor adventures, there is something for everyone in Bali.

Top 5 Family-friendly Activities in Bali

  • Visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park: Families can embark on a safari journey to encounter exotic animals up close and enjoy marine-themed attractions.
  • Exploring Bali Treetop Adventure Park: Children can swing, climb, and zip line through the lush jungle canopy, providing an exhilarating outdoor experience.
  • Attending a Balinese Dance Performance: Witnessing traditional Balinese dance performances exposes families to the rich culture and artistry of the island.
  • Participating in Batik Making Workshops: Engage in a hands-on experience to create intricate batik designs, showcasing Bali’s traditional textile art form.
  • Enjoying Water Activities at Waterbom Bali: Families can splash around in thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and pools at one of Asia’s top water parks.

Cultural Activities in Bali

  • Joining a Gamelan Music Workshop: Experience the enchanting sounds of Balinese gamelan music and learn to play traditional instruments.
  • Attending a Wayang Kulit Puppet Show: Witness a shadow puppet performance that narrates ancient tales and legends, captivating audiences of all ages.

Best Outdoor Activities for Families

  • Having a Beach Picnic at Nusa Dua: Relax on pristine white sands, swim in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy a family picnic with stunning ocean views.
  • Embarking on a Cycling Tour in Ubud: Explore picturesque rice paddies, lush landscapes, and charming villages on a family-friendly cycling adventure.

Educational Activities for Families

  • Visiting the Bali Bird Park: Encounter a diverse array of bird species from around the world and learn about conservation efforts to protect avian wildlife.
  • Exploring the Bali Museum: Delve into Balinese history, art, and culture through fascinating exhibits and artifacts housed in this renowned museum.

Beach activities

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When it comes to family-friendly activities in Bali, exploring the beautiful beaches is a must-do. Bali is known for its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect destination for a fun-filled family beach day.

Best family-friendly beaches in Bali

1. Kuta Beach: Known for its gentle waves and soft sand, Kuta Beach is ideal for families with young children. The beach offers a range of water sports activities and has plenty of amenities nearby.

2. Nusa Dua Beach: This pristine beach is perfect for families looking for a relaxing day by the sea. The calm waters and clean shoreline make it a safe and enjoyable spot for kids to play.

3. Sanur Beach: With its shallow waters and tranquil atmosphere, Sanur Beach is great for families who want to swim and snorkel together. The beach also has a paved beachfront path perfect for cycling or strolling.

Water sports activities for families

  • Snorkeling: Explore the underwater world with your family at various snorkeling spots around Bali.
  • Jet Skiing: Experience the thrill of riding a jet ski together at beaches like Tanjung Benoa.
  • Banana Boat Ride: Enjoy a fun and bumpy ride on a banana boat with the whole family.

Beach games for families

  • Beach Volleyball: Set up a net and enjoy a friendly game of beach volleyball with your loved ones.
  • Sandcastle Building: Get creative in the sand and build elaborate sandcastles together.
  • Shell Collecting Contest: See who can find the most unique shells along the shore.

Guide for a perfect family beach day

Before heading to the beach, make sure to pack essentials such as sunscreen, hats, towels, snacks, and plenty of water. It’s also important to bring beach toys and floatation devices for kids for added fun and safety.

Remember to apply sunscreen regularly, stay hydrated, and keep an eye on children at all times, especially when swimming in the ocean. Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with your family for a memorable beach day in Bali!

Cultural experiences

For families visiting Bali, exploring traditional Balinese cultural activities can be a great way to immerse in the local way of life and create lasting memories together.

Attending Cultural Performances with Children

When attending cultural performances with children, it’s essential to choose shows that are suitable for their age and attention span. Opt for shorter performances or interactive shows that can keep them engaged. To enhance their experience, you can introduce the significance of the performance beforehand and encourage them to ask questions afterward.

Additionally, bring along snacks and water to keep them comfortable throughout the show.

Balinese Rituals and Ceremonies

Witnessing or participating in Balinese rituals and ceremonies can provide families with a deeper understanding of the local culture and traditions. Families can visit temples during auspicious days or join ceremonies such as temple anniversaries or traditional offerings. It’s important to respect the customs and dress modestly when attending these events.

Engaging with locals and asking questions can also enrich the experience for both parents and children.

Family-Friendly Cooking Classes

Joining a family-friendly cooking class in Bali is a fun and educational way to learn about Balinese cuisine and culture. Children can participate in hands-on activities such as preparing traditional dishes, using local ingredients, and understanding the importance of certain spices or cooking techniques.

These classes often include a visit to a local market to learn about the ingredients used in Balinese cooking. By taking part in a cooking class, families can bond over a shared experience and bring home new culinary skills to try out together.

Nature and wildlife adventures

Exploring the natural beauty and wildlife of Bali can be an exciting and educational experience for families. From nature reserves to wildlife sanctuaries, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourselves in the diverse ecosystems of the island.

Family-friendly Nature Reserves and Parks

  • Taman Ayun Temple and Garden: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with lush gardens and traditional Balinese architecture.
  • West Bali National Park: Home to diverse wildlife including deer, monkeys, and over 300 bird species.
  • Bali Bird Park: A sanctuary for over 250 bird species where families can learn about conservation efforts.

Best Family Hiking Trails and Nature Walks

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk: A scenic trail through rice fields and lush greenery, perfect for children to enjoy nature.
  • Gitgit Waterfall Trek: A moderate hike to a stunning waterfall where families can cool off and enjoy the surroundings.

Unique Wildlife Species in Bali

  • Balinese Long-tailed Monkeys: Found in Ubud’s Monkey Forest, these playful primates are a delight to observe.
  • Komodo Dragons: Although native to Komodo Island, families can see these fascinating creatures at Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Eco-friendly Initiatives and Tours

  • Sea Turtle Conservation: Participate in turtle releases or educational programs at turtle conservation centers like the Bali Sea Turtle Society.
  • Ubud Eco Cycling Tour: Explore the countryside on bicycles, visit organic farms, and learn about sustainable practices in Bali.


As we wrap up our exploration of family-friendly activities in Bali, it’s evident that this tropical paradise is a treasure trove of fun and enriching experiences for families. Whether you’re exploring the cultural heritage, frolicking on pristine beaches, or immersing in nature and wildlife adventures, Bali promises unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones to cherish.

Start planning your next family escapade to Bali today!

Expert Answers

Are there any family-friendly museums in Bali?

Yes, Bali has museums like the Blanco Renaissance Museum and the Agung Rai Museum of Art that offer engaging exhibits suitable for families.

What beach games are popular among families in Bali?

Beach volleyball, sandcastle building, and beach soccer are popular choices for families enjoying the sun and sand in Bali.

Can families participate in wildlife conservation efforts in Bali?

Absolutely! There are eco-friendly initiatives and tours in Bali that allow families to contribute to wildlife conservation and environmental protection.